Your total cost to attend CU Denver includes more than your tuition & fees - you will also need to consider your housing, food, travel, health insurance, textbooks, etc. Before you can apply for your US student visa, you must prove to CU Denver that you have the necessary funding to support your first year of study. 

Estimated Cost of Attendance Figures for 2021-2022

The cost estimates below are for Academic Year 2021-2022. Please note that actual costs will likely increase for the 2022 - 2023 academic year. Please note that your individual cost of attendance will vary. Estimated costs are subject to change. Taking more credit hours may increase the cost of the program. Students should add $6,750 per year for each dependent family member (spouse and/or unmarried children under the age of 21) who will accompany them to the United States.

*** For cost estimates for Anschutz Medical Campus programs please contact

University of Colorado Denver - Downtown Campus Programs

Note: Estimated Costs are for a 9-month period and based on 12-18 credit hours per semester for graduate students in the College of Architecture and Planning, and 6 credit hours per semester for other graduate students.

 School/College/Program  Tuition & Fees  Living Expenses  Books & Insurance  Total/Year
Business School $17,972 $21,591 $3,670 $43,223
Business School
(OYMBA 12-month program)
$45,212 $28,788 $4,893 $78,893
College of Architecture and Planning
(Master of Architecture)
$48,019 $21,591 $4,120 $73,799
College of Architecture and Planning
(Master of Science in Historic Preservation)
$40,195 $21,591 $4,120 $65,873
College of Architecture and Planning
(Master of Landscape Architecture)
$40,195 $21,591 $4,153 $65,939
College of Architecture and Planning
(Master of Urban Design)
$40,195 $21,591 $4,120 $65,876
College of Architecture and Planning
(Master of Urban and Regional Planning)
$40,165 $21,591 $4,120 $65,876
College of Architecture and Planning
(PhD in Design and Planning)
$32,331 $21,591 $4,120 $65,876
College of Arts & Media $16,769 $21,591 $3,670 $42,030
College of Engineering, Design and Computing  $18,335 $21,591 $3,670 $42,030
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences  $16,491 $21,591 $3,670 $41,752
School of Education & Human Development $16,436 $21,591 $3,670 $41,697
School of Public Affairs $16,529 $21,591 $3,670 $41,790

Additional Financial Options

CU Denver understands that students may require extra help and effort in order to cover all of the fixed and variable costs related to studying in the U.S. Here are some resources to consider when planning to finance your CU Denver education.

Financial Wellness Program

The Financial Wellness program strives to provide resources, guidance, and activities to help students manage their money and build healthy financial habits towards stability. Take advantage of 1-on-1 financial coaching and financial workshops in order to create a budget and plan for managing your finances while studying at CU Denver.

University Payment Plan

The university offers payment plans each term that divide the remaining costs of tuition, fees, and on-campus housing into installments.

Payment Plan Information