Early Action at CU Denver

The Office of Student Success implements the high-impact practice of Early Action. We send out a prompt through EAB's student success platform, Navigate, to ask faculty to identify students that may benefit from additional support. Our team is focused on providing students with holistic support through strengths-based outreach, critical conversations, and triage to student support teams. 

Early Action for Students


Early Action helps students by connecting them to useful resources that will support them in their current situation. Efforts will be made to personally reach out to students by our team and campus partners if needed. Our partners consist of academic support offices, academic advisors and student success staff.

We ask your instructors to submit a report with any of their students that they'd like us to contact. This may be because you missed a few classes, could benefit from tutoring, are missing assignments, or for just a general check-in. You may receive a phone call or email from our office checking in with you during the semester. This is meant to be a call to action, and we believe that you are capable of having a successful semester. We can connect you with different on-campus resources or help you start critical conversations with your professor, advisor, or other person on campus. We encourage you to engage in this process, and remember- we're here to help!

Early Action for Faculty & Staff

Early Action Spring 2023 Calendar

First Week Absences Report: January 23 – January 30 (16-week courses only)  


Course Progress Report: February 15 – March 17 


*Modified Course Progress Reports:   

First 8-week session: February 1 – February 15

Second 8-week session: April 3 – April 17

International College Beijing (ICB): March 8 - March 31


We are continuing to implement a positive referral, called “Keep Up the Great Work!”. This referral should be used when you want to acknowledge that your student is doing a great job in class and to recognize their hard work. We’re hoping that this positive referral process will increase engagement and students’ sense of belonging on campus. Students with this referral will receive a personalized, encouraging email from our office.  


The chart below outlines our outreach strategy. We will reach out to the students to better understand their situation, offer support and resources, and advise them on a course of action.  

Referral Outreach & Triage
Academic Readiness Support Suggested

Student Success

Academic Support Community (as needed)

Assignments or Tests Missing

Student Success →

Advising Community (as needed)

Content Tutoring

Student Success →

Academic Support Community (as needed)

 Keep Up the Great Work! Student Success
Low Attendance or Participation Pattern

Student Success →

Advising Community (as needed)

 Note: For SEHD students, the Student Success Center will be included. Additionally, TRIO, ISSS and VMSS, and other coaching units are notified. 

Early Action Outcomes

Increased Student Persistence

Early Action helped increase student retention of 71.5%

We recently had our highest level of student persistence for students on Early Action at 71.5% (F21-Spr22).

Increased Student Contact

We have increased our contact made rate to 40.6%

We have improved contact rates with students to 40.6% in Spr22. This means that we had a two-way conversation with the student about the course they received a referral in. These conversations are either over the phone or through email. 

Improved Student GPA

We have helped 6.8% more students on Early Action achieve passing grades

Students who connected with the Early Action team or a triage partner were more likely to pass their classes. 6.8% more students passed classes after a conversation with Early Action staff than those who did not make contact.

Tableau Dashboards

We are working on two dashboards in Tableau: One for faculty participation by section, and one with aggregate student outcomes. We will announce when these are ready to our campus partners. 

Contact Us


Phone: 303-315-0259

Email: student.success@ucdenver.edu