Budget Process



The university State Allocation of General Funds document outlines how the State General Fund budget is determined as it moves through the State Legislature, the Colorado Commission on Higher Education, the Board of Regents and to the university Budget Office.

Please Note: Projected Benefits Rates are only intended for budget purposes and are updated annually based on changes determined by Payroll and Benefits Services.  For more current benefit information, please go to the University of Colorado Payroll and Benefits web page.

BENEFIT_Table2021.pdfBenefits Worksheet.pdf

  1. General Fund Carryforward:  The General Fund Carryforward is the unspent revenue and/or budget balance available at the end of a fiscal year after transfers that is carried forward to the next fiscal year as stated in the Carry Forward Report approved by the Regents. Any funds not transferred out to Reserve Funds with an approved spending plan are subject to the carryforward process.
  • All carryforward balances at the end of the year must have a specific spending plan in place detailing the use of these funds in the future.  Carryforward spending plans should include dollar amounts, description, and estimated date of purchase, which will be due to the AVC Budget and Controller by August 15th.
  • Carryforward and one time reserve fund transfers where the original source was from Fund 10 must be transferred to and expended in a Fund 11 speedtype, except in the case of student fees where the funds need to be transferred back to the original speedtype that carryforward was generated in.

Auxiliary fund budgets must be completed and submitted annually to the university Budget Office for review and approval.

The Auxiliary Budget Request form is located in the Finance system.

Auxiliary Budget Request form location

You may ​access the Annual Budget Calendar for a description of budget-related activities that occur each month and data that is due to the university Budget Office.​