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TitleContact (Email)Telephone 
Associate Vice Chancellor for Budget

(303) 315-2763

Associate Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Planning
(303) 315-2746
Senior Budget Director
(303) 315-0102
Senior Director of Revenue ProjectionJen St. Peter(303) 315-2402
Assistant Director of Fiscal Planning and AnalyticsDavid Doig(303) 315-2746
Senior Budget AnalystSusan Malone(303) 315-0295
Business and Human Resources Senior ProfessionalTawnya Boulier 



UnitContact (Email)Telephone
Academic and Student AffairsLisa Atencio
Director of Finance and Administration
(303) 315-2103
College of Architecture and PlanningStephanie Kelly​
Assistant Dean of Finance and Administation
(303) 315-7469
College of Arts and MediaKaren Ludington
Assistant Dean of Budget and Finance
(303) 556-2443
Business SchoolConnie Amen
Assistant Dean, Finance and Human Resources
(303) 315-8085
School of Education and Human DevelopmentPatricia Ball​
Assistant Dean
(303) 315-4947
College of Engineering, Design and ComputingKathryn Brocko
Finance Manager
(303) 556-8019
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences​JoAnn Porter
Assistant Dean of Budget and Finance
(303) 556-2120
School of Public AffairsKathy Kilpatrick
Assistant Dean of Administration
(303) 315-2870