Faculty Sabatticals


A sabbatical assignment, which is subject to approval by the Board of Regents, is an important academic scholarship and professional development tool, granted for the advancement of the university, subject to the availability of resources.  A tenured faculty member shall become eligible for a sabbatical assignment after six years of service to the university. A sabbatical assignment shall not be granted more than once every seven years.  Further information is provided in Administrative Policy Statement 1024: Approval of Sabbatical Assignments

Eligible faculty will need to complete a Sabbatical Application Form that is subject to approval by the dean/library director, provost, chancellor, and Board of Regents.

Upon completion of the sabbatical assignment, the faculty member is required to file a written substantive report with the dean/library director, who submits a report to the Provost's Office each fall. The Provost's Office submits a summary campus report to the system Office of Academic Affairs, which submits a summary university report to the Board of Regents. 

Faculty who wish to change their approved sabbatical plan should complete the Amendment to Application for Sabbatical Assignment form and submit it to their department chair or unit head for signature. Any change in the time frame of the sabbatical should be sent to the dean and provost for approval.

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