Message from the Chair

Brennan Final Profile

This is an exciting moment in time for our campus community. With new leaders guiding our CU Denver efforts and a co-created strategic plan in hand, we are beginning to take action toward achieving our five bold goals.  Critical to achieving our goals is ensuring the well-being and success of lecturers and IRC faculty.    

Provost Nakuma recently charged a task force to develop a plan that would result in tangible improvements in the working conditions of our Lecturers, Instructors, and Clinical Teaching faculty. Our charge includes investigating and analyzing the policies and practices that affect the working conditions of our faculty and understanding how our faculty experience those policies and practices. Utilizing the impactful data collected, and recommendations made by UCDALI (under the thoughtful leadership of Vivian Shyu) as our springboard, Provost Nakuma has empowered our task force as a campus-level collaborative body engaged in high-priority work. 

Fourteen faculty and staff are participating in the task force.  Representation includes all schools, colleges and the library, Instructors, Clinical Teaching Track faculty, Faculty Assembly, UCDALI, HR professionals, Finance and Administration professionals, and the Center for Faculty Development and Advancement. As the Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs, I am guiding and facilitating the work of the task force. All members of the task force are deeply committed to this work and excited to be leading this effort together. 

The task force is currently collaborating with strategic central service partners such as OIRE, Benefits, and Finance and Administration to collect needed information. Critical to the success of this effort is collaboration with our library, schools and colleges.

- Joann Brennan, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs

Updates from the Task Force

We are currently in the process of reviewing data from OIRE, creating a survey of questions for all IRC Faculty, and asking all schools/colleges to complete the Policies and Practices Request document and the Promotion and Annual Review Crosswalk. These documents will help us find solid information on the lived experience of the faculty on our campus. We are hoping that with this information we can better identify ways to improve that experience. Please feel free to review the documents below and provide us with your feedback.

IRC Taskforce Feedback

Thank you for taking time to provide us feedback on this process. Your voice is very important to the success of our taskforce.