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About the Task Force

The Equity Task Force was formed in October 2020 as a result of Chancellor Marks' Equity Listening Sessions in order to address longer-term issues requiring significant analysis and further work. Chaired by Antwan Jefferson, Associate Clinical Professor, School of Education and Human Development and John Ronquillo, Assistant Professor, School of Public Affairs, the task force worked for six months to delve into the core of our challenges, including structural barriers to hiring and promoting underrepresented faculty and staff. It brought together faculty, staff and students to explore a host of issues and to develop recommendations and investment priorities to ensure that all members of the university community have the opportunity to experience what CU Denver has to offer equitably, building on past efforts and focusing on structural and environmental barriers to success of students, faculty, and staff.  

In April 2021, the task force delivered its recommendations, and Chancellor Marks announced her full support of its recommended funding commitments ($1 million from the CU Foundation) to invest in this work. She also announced an additional $2 million from the CU System and $1 million from CU Denver for further support of equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts at CU Denver. The total $4 million investment in new resources over three years is intended to move the campus toward its 2030 goal of being an exemplar equity serving institution.  

Findings from the Equity Task Force: A Panel Discussion

Members of the Equity Task Force

Antwan Jefferson, PhD, Co-Chair | Associate Clinical Professor | School of Education & Human Development
John Ronquillo, PhD Co-Chair | Assistant Professor | School of Public Affairs
Cathy Bodine, PhD | Associate Professor | College of Engineering, Design and Computing
Patrick Browne | Director | Veteran & Military Student Services (In Memoriam)
Anna Ramirez Crawford  | Director of Foundation and Corporate Development | Office of Advancement
Christopher Hilton | Undergraduate Student | College of Liberal Arts and Sciences | Student Government Representative
Tania Hogan, EdD | Director of Undergraduate Student Success | School of Education & Human Development
Boram Jeong, PhD | Assistant Professor | College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Laurence Kaptain, DMA | Dean | College of Arts & Media
Sarah Kovoor-Misra, PhD | Professor | Business School
Karey Krohnfeldt | Director of Equity | Office of Equity
Florie Montoya | Senior Director of Talent Acquisition and Compensation | Human Resources
Charles Musiba, PhD | Associate Professor of Anthropology | College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Stephanie Puello | Student Progress Coordinator | Graduate School & PhD Student | School of Public Affairs
James Speed | Policy Coordinator | Academic Operations
Anthony Starke, PhD | Assistant Professor | School of Public Affairs

The Equity Task Force was advised by:

Faye Caronan, PhD | Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies | College of Liberal Arts and Sciences | Chancellor’s Faculty Fellow 2020-2021
Marjorie Levine-Clark, PhD | Associate Dean for Diversity, Outreach and Initiatives and Professor of History | College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Nelia Viveiros, EdD, LLB | Former Interim Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion & Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Operations

The Equity Task Force was staffed by:

Brandi Geiser | Chancellor’s Office
Mark Karger | Senior Project Manager | Office of Information Technology
Regina Kilkenny, PhD | Chief of Staff | Chancellor’s Office

Special thanks to:

Lauren Hebert, Kris Wood and the Inworks/Comcast Media and Technology Center team


Action Teams

The Equity Task Force had the support of over 115 university staff, faculty and students representing six action teams, three Resource focused teams: Data, Policy and Exemplars, and three Content focused Teams: People, Environment and Curriculum. Each team focused on specific target areas where the university should improve around curriculum, work environment, accountability, transparency and university policy.

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