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Working alongside the CU Denver campus community, legislators, broader community leaders, and friends to better connect the university to our city, our state, and its people.

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The Chronicle of Higher Education Commentary

“To revitalize our cities and ensure their prosperity,” writes Michelle Marks, “we must reimagine them—to be smarter, sustainable, and equitable. Public urban research universities are ideal laboratories for that reinvention.” This op-ed was published in summer 2023 in the early weeks of Marks’ chairship of the Coalition of Urban Serving Universities.

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Chancellor Chats with Top U.S. Higher Ed Official


The future of higher education was a prominent topic on the Auraria Campus during a national higher education conference at CU Denver, during which Chancellor Michelle Marks led a fireside chat with Assistant Secretary of Postsecondary Education Nasser Paydar. His conversation with Marks covered topics ranging from the importance of increasing access for underserved students to how to inspire greater public investment in higher education. Asked by Marks if he could change one thing instantly about higher education, Paydar responded, “Equity. Equity. Equity.”

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2023 Events and Engagements

Bridging Colorado’s Talent Gap

Denver Business Journal op-ed, 2/15/2023 

You can’t simply retrain your way out of a skills gap. You also need to broaden the pool of skilled workers. This means better serving those historically underrepresented in higher education. … CU Denver is committed to helping close that gap.

Mirroring Our City’s Progress

Remarks at Denver mayoral runoff forum, 4/24/2023

Our growth and progress as Colorado’s only public urban research university has been inextricably linked with Denver’s own growth and progress. Our work makes CU Denver a perfect convener for this important mayoral forum.

Dialogues To Move Denver Forward

LinkedIn post, 4/11/2023 

We can’t know exactly what the next 50 years will throw at us. All we know is no one university, no one institution, has all the answers. By opening up dialogues with a broad spectrum of thinkers and doers, we can make Denver’s next 50 years even better than the last 50.

Leveling the Playing Field

Wiley podcast interview, 5/15/2023

We believe diversity, equity, and inclusion need to be at the heart of every single thing we do. … I know we’re not there as a society yet, but I think we need to commit to think differently about how we operate. And for us, that means giving everyone a shot.

CU Denver‘s 50th Anniversary

LinkedIn post, 1/11/2023

It’s remarkable to reflect on our origins on a day like this, January 11, 2023—50 years to the day since a Colorado constitutional amendment first established CU Denver as an independent campus. … We’ve still got what it takes—now, more than ever—to get people where they need to go.

Universities are Urban Engines

LinkedIn post, 4/28/2023 

Cities bring together diverse people for commerce and culture, to work, live, and learn. So it’s no surprise that many of society’s grandest challenges also reside in cities: challenges that can’t be solved within a single discipline or by a single stakeholder. Universities bring world-class researchers, innovators, and creators.

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