This page offers case stories and videos to give you an idea of the tremendous impact AT can have on the lives of young children with disabilities.

Young boy using gait trainer to stand, smiling

The Gait Trainer allows this little guy to be able to stand on his own and gives him a new found independence as well as a new view on the world. He is a curious child and loves being able to explore his environment in an up right position. 

Young girl using switch adapted fan

The Adapted Fan toy is a big hit with this little one! She loves the air on her face and being able to control it herself. She is working hard to understand how she can do things with everything around her.       


two photos of a young girl sitting in a postural seat at a restaurant and in a grocery cart

With the GoTo Postural Support Seat, this little one was able to go to a restaurant with her parents and sit at the table with them for the first time! She was so happy to be a part of the meal and to not be in her stroller off to the side. The device also allows her to sit in rocking chairs and grocery carts. She can even use the floor sitter attachment to be able to participate in play time on the floor. 


young boy sitting in bathtub, smiling, using the Splashy Chair

This little guy and his family are very happy with their trial of the Splashy Portable Bath Seat! It has a variety of configurations and adjustments available to meet the needs of each individual child, including a 3-point or 5-point harness. The chair sits low to the ground for easy and safe soaking in the water. It also cleans up easily, making it handy for camping trips or play in an outdoor kiddie pool. 


child and SLP sitting with AAC device

A customized AAC device (in this case, the iPad mini) for this little one is an essential component of his development. It provides the opportunity to share his ideas and engage the people in his life in a meaningful way to enrich and expand possibilities for connection. Early access builds early success!