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Deep Linking

Deep linking can be described as using a distinct URL to anchor site visitors to specific content on a webpage. This provides a better user experience as it allows site visitors to directly navigate through a website and find the content they need. In Sitefinity, site builders can obtain a custom URL for individual sections of a few widgets.


What widgets allow deep linking

The ability to deep link is available in the following widgets:

We offer two other widgets with deep linking capabilities. They perform a little differently so it is best to check out their individual widget pages for information on how they work. Side note: the two links below are examples of deep linking as the hyperlinks will take you directly to the deep link portion of widget pages!


How to use deep linking

There are essentially two parts to deep linking. The first is to retrieve the custom URL that directs users to the specific content and the second is to use that URL on your pages.


How to get a custom URL

Because deep linking is only offered in specific widgets, you must first be sure that the content that you are linking to is using one of the widgets mentioned above. 

To obtain a custom URL to use for deep linking, please do the following: 

  1. Navigate to the page that is displaying the content. This is done in the public version of the page, not the edit mode of the page. 
  2. Notice the URL at the top of your browser.
  3. Find the content you want to link to and click on it.
  4. At the top of your browser, you should now see a custom link. 
  5. Copy the link.

You now have the custom link to your content. You can test this out by opening another tab in your browser. Paste the link in the web address field and hit enter. It should take you to the right content.

How to use the URL

Now that you have your URL, you can use it in any way you would display any other link. Sitefinity gives you many widget options ranging from using hyperlinks and buttons in the content block or highlight box, to creating clickable call to action buttons or cards.

To use your custom URL, please do the following:

  1. Navigate to the dashboard and locate page where you want the link to be displayed. 
  2. Open the page in edit mode.
  3. Pick the widget you would like to use to display the link and drag and drop it on the page. (i.e. call to action button) 
  4. Click Edit. 
  5. Fill in the required information fields in the widget. 
  6. When adding the link, choose the external web address option and paste the link.
  7. Save the widget changes. 
  8. Publish your page when it's ready. 
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