Reusable Content Type Bug

The problem

We are currently having an issue with our reusable content type widgets. When using these widgets and selecting to only show a single item, you will notice an issue with the way the item displays. Even when selecting a specific display template, the widget does not change display views. For example, when choosing to display a single person using the people widget, the page will display the full profile regardless of the view template you have chosen. Also, if a single item of content is specifically selected while using the CTA, testimonial or enhanced card, it will change the title of the page. The following fix will resolve these issues. 


The Example

When choosing a single item, like this:

CT Bug Example 1
You should be able to choose any template view. For example, if you choose the "contact info card" template, it should display like this:
CT Bug Example 2
But instead you'll get a different view, like this: 
CT Bug Example 3

The Workaround

If you use the “select” option to filter widget data with any reusable content type and only select one record. You must then also do the following. 

Click Advanced:

CT Bug Fix Step 1
Click Model:
CT Bug Fix Step 2
Type "Automatic" in the "ContentViewDisplayMode" box. Leave the other fields untouched and hit Save.