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Budget Office

Frequently Asked Questions




 What does FOPPS stand for?

Fund, Organization, Program, Project, Sub-Classification.

 What is the difference between a debit and a credit?

A debit (+) increases expense budgets and decreases revenue budgets.
A credit (-) decreases expense budget and increases revenue budgets.

 What is the monthly deadline for submitting Budget Journal Entries?

The deadline for BJE submission is announced in a monthly e-mail sent out by the Finance Office. It is usually one to two business days prior to the end of each month.

 Entries for Sponsored Programs

Due to the complex regulations pertaining to entries on sponsored projects, any entries for Fund 30 or Fund 31 require approval by Sponsored Program Accounting and are not handled through the Budget Office.4


 Budget Journal Entries


 What budget ledger do I need to use when creating a budget journal entry?

Entries recorded on the Current Continuing ledger (B_CUR_CONT) will change the budget for the current fiscal year AND future fiscal years (note: the university does not roll budgets over year-to-year, so continuing ledger entries will need to be re-entered at the beginning of the fiscal year).

Entries recorded on Current Temporary ledger (B_CUR_TEMP) will change the budget ONLY for the current fiscal year.

The Initial Continuing and Temporary ledgers are only used by the Budget Office to record initial budgets, almost exclusively used during July (Period 1).

For video guide on how to create a Budget Journal Entry (BJE), please see our Training page.


 Do I need to record my budgets to the penny (cents)?

​No. The budget ledger only uses whole dollar amounts; please round all budget amounts to the nearest whole dollar.2

 Where do I input the position number on budget journals?

Please key in the position number in the REFERENCE field and always include the two leading zeros (e.g. 00123456).

For a video guide on how to prepare a position budget entry, please see our Training page.


 Where do I input FTE on budget journals?

Enter the letters "FTE" into the STAT field and enter the amount for the FTE in the STAT AMOUNT field.
For a video guide on how to adjust position budgets, please see our Training page.




 Do I need to enter a budget for my Auxiliary fund

Yes. Auxiliary speed types require a budget. The campus prepares many documents that use budget to actual comparisons. When a budget is missing, but the speedtype reflects actual expenses, a variance is created. These variances, when combined together, can create material differences that need further explanation on financial documents.

For a video guide detailing how to enter an auxiliary budget, please see our Training page.


 Where can I find the Auxiliary Budget Webpage

The Auxiliary budget webpage is located in the Finance system (Main Menu > General Ledger > Auxiliary Budgets > Auxiliary Budgets).

For a video guide detailing how to enter an auxiliary budget, please see our Training page.


 What if my Auxiliary speedtype(s) will not have any activity next fiscal year?

​During the initial Auxiliary budget upload period - usually January through March - sign in to the Auxiliary module in Finance 9.2 and check the "no planned activity" box for the speedtype.3

 How can I adjust my Auxiliary budgets after the initial upload, or throughout the year?

Budgets may be adjusted via a budget journal entry.

Please see our Training page for a detailed guide on how to prepare a budget journal entry.


 Additional Auxiliary Budget Request (ABR) questions...

​Answered here.5

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