Strategic Enrollment and Budget Initiative

Students at CU Denver

At CU Denver, we have embarked on a holistic strategic enrollment and budget initiative that will increase our financial health and enhance our ability to deliver on our student mission with greater effectiveness. CU Denver’s budget is directly linked to our recruitment, retention, and graduation success, and continuing to focus on student success is critical to how we will achieve greater outcomes for our students and greater financial strength to achieve our ambitious 2030 Strategic Plan goals and to make education work for all. We know we need to work, operate, and grow in new and innovative ways together to be successful, support our students most effectively, and strengthen our financial future. 

Ways to Stay Engaged


Phase 1

Identifying Budget Reductions for FY23-24

Nov 2022 – April 2023

Phase 2

Identifying Additional Reductions for FY24-25 & Campuswide Transformations

April 2023 – July 2024

Operating Principles Guiding This Work

To ensure we identify strategic ideas that most advance the commitments made in the university’s 2030 strategic plan, we will continue to:

  • Prioritize student success and necessary supports
  • Prioritize our people and their hard work
  • Prioritize DEI and the continued equity-serving nature of our work
  • Value systems thinking, nimbleness and an institutional mindset
  • Remember our fiduciary responsibility as stewards of public funds and students’ tuition dollars

Meet the Support Team

A dedicated team is supporting deans, vice chancellors, and their teams across the university through our strategic enrollment and budget initiative. This group is providing tools and resources to help each leader analyze their current situation, engage their community members and develop proposals for their units.

The team includes:

  • Katie Linder, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Innovation and Strategy (co-lead)
  • Jennifer St. Peter, Associate Vice Chancellor for Budget (co-lead)
  • Beth Myers, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness (strategic support)
  • Amy McGuire, Strategic Plan Implementation, Project Management Lead (project support)