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Global Education / Study Abroad International Insurance

Insurance is available to mitigate a wide range of situations that you may encounter while traveling abroad, including medical, legal, natural disasters, lost luggage, and trip cancellation.

Each traveler is responsible for understanding any insurance coverage provided by their chosen study abroad program. Equally, each traveler is responsible for securing any additional insurance for their individual requirements.

Do I need International Health and Evacuation Insurance?

Yes. For many reasons, all students traveling internationally must have international health and evacuation insurance. If you are traveling on a University of Colorado Denver program, international health and evacuation insurance is included in your program fee.

If you are studying with a non-CU Denver program, e.g. you pay a fee to an approved outside vendor to study abroad, intern abroad, or participate in an international clinical or research experience, then you must confirm that they provide an international health insurance policy.

If the program does not include international health insurance or if you are traveling independently, University Risk Management insists that you take out international health insurance with emergency medical and disaster evacuation coverage. As a CU Denver student, you are eligible to purchase, at a negotiated rate, a comprehensive international health and evacuation plan through International SOS. Contact the Office of Global Education for information about how to purchase this specific plan.

Many students consider dropping their domestic insurance plan while abroad. Don't do this! It is important to remember that a domestic plan is needed if you are transferred back to the United States for treatment or if you need continuing treatment when you return.

Please view the Health Insurance Policy for more information.

International SOS Insurance for CU Denver students

Students participating in CU Denver Global Education programs will be automatically enrolled in international health and evacuation insurance through International SOS. Students participating in approved non-CU Denver study abroad programs may purchase coverage under the International SOS policy, if their program does not offer comparable coverage. Interested students should contact the Office of Global Education for more information about obtaining coverage. CU Denver faculty and staff may also purchase the policy. While the International SOS policy has been reviewed by CU Denver staff, the university is not endorsing any specific policy.

What should I look for in an International Health Insurance policy?

Look carefully at the prospectus. What is covered and what is excluded? To what extent are pre-existing conditions covered? What, if any, of your current prescriptions will be covered? What is the policy maximum? Will you be covered if alcohol is involved? At the core of any international policy are emergency evacuation services. What is the coverage level? We recommend an insurance plan that with the following minimums:

  • Minimum political evacuation and natural disaster ($100,000)
  • Minimum coverage per injury or sickness ($250,000)
  • Minimum repatriation of remains ($25,000)
  • Minimum medical evacuation ($500,000)

In the event that you are hospitalized, will the policy cover a visit by an immediate family member? Does the policy cover repatriation of mortal remains in the event of an extreme tragedy? These are difficult things to think about, but it is best to be prepared.

Do I need International Travel Insurance?

This type of policy is a matter of personal choice. International Travel Insurance policies cover a wide range of items such as trip cancellation, unforeseen expenses due to delayed flights, delayed or lost baggage, etc. These policies often have many exceptions, so it is important to read the fine print carefully so that you understand exactly what is covered. You may wish to inquire about purchasing travel insurance with the airline company or travel agency through which you book your flight.

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