Voice and Tone

Brand voice is the purposeful, consistent expression of CU Denver through words and prose that both engages and motivates our audience.

Voice and tone is what differentiates CU Denver from other universities. From our audience’s perspective, the personality of our brand is determined by the words we choose and the sentences we write, working in concert with the visuals we use.

CU Denver’s tone is authentic, conversational, welcoming, and highly aspirational. We speak with a voice that evokes the energy of our urban environment, maintains the quality standards of an academic institution, and reflects the personality of our brand. 

Brand voice is different from editorial style, which includes direction for things like grammar, punctuation and spelling.





Be less formal, more familiar, and highly aspirational:
  • Use this: Our students and alumni are powering Denver’s global economy.
  • Instead of this: CU Denver students and alumni are making ongoing contributions to Denver’s economy.
Evoke the raw energy of our urban environment while maintaining a close connection to our academic roots:
  • Use this: Where academic rigor meets city vigor.
  • Instead of this: We combine rigorous academics with the energy of the city.
Be encouraging yet authentic:
  • Use this: It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.
  • Instead of this: You will become a success at CU Denver.
Challenge others to dream big and reach higher:
  • Use this: Discover your passion and unleash your potential at CU Denver.
  • Instead of this: Find your direction at CU Denver. 
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