Fulbright Awards

Faculty/Administrator Fulbright Awards

The Office of International Affairs encourages faculty to consider applying for the growing range of Fulbright awards ranging from Fulbright Scholar, Distinguished Chair, Senior Specialists, German Studies Seminar, and a number of country-specific awards. A number of awards are additionally available in the medical sciences. Short Term International Administrator Awards are available to Korea, India, Germany, Japan, France, and the U.K.


Applying for a Fulbright Award requires research and planning. Knowing colleagues abroad who can support and sponsor your application at a host university, establishing contacts in unfamiliar international sites, advance planning for research collaboration to coordinate with a sabbatical or leave, and outreach to country officers in the Fulbright Program are important components of the preparation.


Each year (February) CIES Fulbright releases a roster of Fulbright opportunities with continuing releases for special programs throughout the year with varying due dates. The Office of International Affairs assists faculty with the preparation of applications and assists with establishing vital contacts at partner universities abroad and other aspects of application planning and preparation.​

Student Fulbright Awards

The University of Colorado Denver Scholarship Resource Office assists students with Fulbright applications. A committee of faculty and administrators staff serve as a review committee to screen and nominate students. Successful student applicants make use of both faculty mentoring and the support services provided by the CU Denver Scholarship Office. We had 3 recipients/1 alternates for the 12-13 year cycle, 3 recipients/1 alternates for the 11-12 year cycle. For additional information on Fulbright Awards for U.S. students, please visit their website.

The Office of International Affairs welcomes your inquiries and we look forward to serving you as you plan your Fulbright application.​

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