CU Denver ID Badging and Security


Visible ID Badge Initiative


Your safety on campus is our top priority and we want to ensure security for our people and property. To that end, our visible ID badge initiative requires that all students, faculty, and staff display their CU Denver ID badges when on campus. Visible badges increase safety by helping security guards and other community members identify who is part of our CU Denver community. 

When you are on campus, you are required to visibly display your ID badge. There is no mandate about how you display your badge. We just ask that it be visible. You can wear it around your neck using a lanyard and ID holder (contact your department for a lanyard and ID holder) or clipped to your clothes with a retractable badge holder. Departments may contact Director of Organizational Effectiveness and Engagement Sarah Buller,, for lanyards and card holders. 

Please do not punch holes through the ID badge itself, as it will damage your badge and could restrict your access to campus resources. See our list of FAQs for information about the initiative, steps to getting an ID badge, and more. 

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If your badge has been lost or stolen, please notify facilities immediately so the badge can be deactivated

Phone: (303)315-7777

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