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Long-range Facilities Planning

Ever walked around campus and wondered how everything here came to be? It all started with the Facilities Master Plan, the blueprint for campus development that is produced every 10 years and updated every 5 years.

The Facilities Master Plan guides the university’s Capital Improvement Plan, which is submitted annually to the University of Colorado Board of Regents and the Colorado Department of Higher Education and provides a multi-year snapshot of projects the university is seeking to fund and construct.

Program Plans are documents that outline the details of a project: the site, users, budget, funding and the need that is being met. These are required before a project can be approved to move into design and construction. 

OIP manages the production, approval, and updating of these documents. OIP also represents the university in broader community planning efforts, provides graphic support for site plans and campus maps, and collects historical information related to the development of the campus. Contact us to share or access historic documents, images, and artifacts!

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