Campus Design and the Built Environment

Everything you see on campus—plazas, landscape, building massing, materials, circulation, art, instructional spaces, directional signs—plays a role in the university’s overall success and the experience of our students, staff and faculty. Each is planned with intention.

OIP works to preserve the university’s architectural integrity by ensuring adherence to the campus design vision. The team represents the university on design review boards and project oversight committees to ensure that design standards are met and helps review any projects that involve changes to campus layout, circulation, or physical appearance. The team also oversees large capital projects in partnership with CU Denver Facilities Projects and manages the Exterior and Interior Signage review process. For questions related to signage policy & review, contact Campus Architect Jered Minter at

OIP also serves as CU Denver’s liaison to the University of Colorado’s Design Review Board (DRB). The DRB reviews all new construction projects and any other projects that involve exterior alterations to buildings.


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