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School and College Alumni Awards Nomination

As we elevate the annual alumni awards to new heights, we request that each school and college nominate one alumni award recipient to be honored at the newly envisioned Alumni Awards ceremony on Thursday, May 2, 2024. Each school and college will drive its own destiny by selecting one nominee who will receive the Distinguished Alumni Award for that school or college. This nomination will be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Advancement and will not be competitive with other campus-wide awards.

Process (very flexible): We ask that each college embrace whatever process they feel is easiest and most comfortable for selecting its recipient. The goal is to allow the upmost flexibility for each college to promote and decide upon its recipient and to minimize the work needed to facilitate that nomination and selection.

Each school and college will submit their nomination via the form on the bottom of this page. Selection processes may be different for each school or college but the nomination submission will be uniform.

Scott Webb and Shira Moffatt are happy to meet with each college to review the concept, discuss the ways in which it promotes alumni and fundraising relationships, and to answer questions.

Thank you for your participation. We look forward to this newly created annual tradition!

For questions regarding the Alumni Awards and the awarding process, please contact CU Denver Alumni at 303-315-3601 or email  

Award Criteria

Each School and College manages their own nomination process in collaboration with the dean, development officer, and any other relevant stakeholders to submit a single nominee for the school and college distinguished alumni awards.

The Mack Easton and GOLD Awards accept at-large nominations from anyone on the Alumni Awards Nomination website

Award Description

Each of the university's seven schools and colleges will honor an exceptional alumnus/a who, by their distinguished career and service to the university, state, nation, or world, has brought honor to CU Denver, their community, and themselves.

Optional Selection Process

  1. The dean works with one or two others in the college and their Development Officer to create a small list of names to be discussed. They select one that in their perspective best meets the above criteria and develop the nomination form (which is easy and requires minimal input). 

  2. The dean promotes the nomination via college intranet, councils, or departments to seek nominations that can be discussed by a small committee made up of, for example, the dean, associate dean, department chairs, faculty, staff, and Development Officer. This committee framework is only a suggestion. Once a selection has been made, the dean forwards the nomination to the attached email for approval. 

  3. Allow the Development Officer and/or other college officers to bring forth names at the Dean’s Executive meeting (as an agenda item) and collectively discuss the best possible individual based on the criteria above and forward for approval.

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