Study Skills Workshops

Study Skills Workshops offer students an opportunity to strengthen their current study habits and wellness practices, and help them figure out what strategies work best. Our Academic Learning Specialists help students to strengthen their skills and select new study techniques to use. Topics such as time management, procrastination, test-taking, and wellness provide students with general tools they can apply to all their courses. And with our StudentLingo video library, CU Denver students can access a hand-selected group of workshops online 24/7, providing students additional tools for beyond the classroom.

Feeling overwhelmed with schoolwork? Putting things off until the last moment? Scrambling to turn in quality work? We get it. Learning in college is much more intense than learning in high school. When your academic load seems overwhelming and impossible to navigate, we've got the tools for you to manage it all. We'll help you figure out what learning strategies work best for your skills, then strengthen those skills and teach you new techniques along the way.

There isn't one correct way to learn and study. Everyone has a different schedule, workload, and lifestyle. This creates diversity in the way students learn, retain new information, and perform in the classroom. Trying out new study methods can be helpful, but also confusing and time-consuming. Luckily, our staff is here to help take the guessing out of studying and performing better on tests. We offer a variety of services and resources so you can discover the methods that work best for you.


Learn new ways to study

Not earning the grades you want? Do you sometimes "go blank" during a test? Stressing about an upcoming assignment? You're not alone. Most students experience these challenges. The good thing is, we can show you how to make the time you spend studying or preparing more effective. That way, you can tackle your next project or assessment with more confidence.

The Learning Resources Center (LRC) provides all CU Denver fee-paying students a variety of scheduled, hour-long workshops to teach strategies that can help take the stress out of school.

Spring 2024 Study Skills Workshops

The LRC offers workshops in both in-person and remote/Zoom formats. We're still working on the schedule, so please check back here for Spring 2024 workshop details.  


Student Success Workshops Online and On-Demand through the LRC! Can’t make it to one of our in-person workshops? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Watch Student Lingo workshops from the comfort of your own home 24/7! Topics include:

For Faculty and Staff

The Learning Resources Center can be a valuable resource to faculty and staff at CU Denver.  We offer a series of study skills workshops which can be presented to your class to assist in developing their learning potential.

Request a Study Skills Presentation

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