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Brainfuse is an online tutoring platform that provides CU Denver students with live, on-demand tutoring and assignment help in a variety of subjects. Through intentional collaboration, Brainfuse tutors meet students where they are at in order to effectively help students of all skill levels.

Students work one-on-one with Brainfuse tutors in online classrooms, which combine user-friendly visual tools and live chat functionality to create a versatile, interactive learning environment. Students can receive help on tricky assignments, brush up on the basics, or tackle advanced concepts with help from the LRC and Brainfuse's team of expert online tutors.

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Brainfuse offers CU Denver students access to tutoring in a wide range of subjects and is accessible via the LRC website by signing in using your UCD credentials. It's also accessible in Canvas for relevant subjects. Synchronous (Tutor Match and Live Help) and asynchronous (Send a Question) tutoring support available. Additionally, Brainfuse offers a number of academic and collaborative tools to further enhance the learning experience.


Academic Integrity

The Learning Resources Center believes that academic integrity is the core component of self-worth and academic achievement.  It is essential in shaping the growth mindset that encourages intellectual risk-taking and views mistakes as opportunities for students to learn and grown as open-minded, lifelong learners.  

Tutors are here to support you in these efforts and encourage you to develop problem-solving skills.  Our tutors may assist you by clarifying concepts and working through examples and problems to help you understand an assignment.  Though they are not permitted to provide you with the answer on graded assignment, they are able to prompt you with probing questions and similar sample problems to help you reach the solution together. 

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