Faculty Development in International Business (FDIB)

Focus on Global and Cross-Border E-Commerce

The CU Denver CIBER is pleased to announce the offering of a Faculty Development Program in International Entrepreneurship, with focus on global and cross-border e-commerce.  During the past five years, international trade has seen a significant increase in the volume and value of global e-commerce, including cross-border e-commerce.  In 2018, UNCTAD estimates global B2B e-commerce and B2C e-commerce at $21 trillion and $4.4 trillion, respectively. Cross-border B2C e-commerce sales amounted to $400+ billion in 2018, representing an increase of 7% over 2017.  Various estimates project global B2C e-commerce to increase 50% to about $6 trillion in 2022.

The global pandemic has accelerated this trend as more companies worldwide pivot their business to e-commerce.  For example, cross-border e-commerce transactions grew by 11% between March and April 2020.  During the same period, international e-commerce B2C sales traffic increased by 17% compared to 15% growth for its domestic e-commerce counterpart.

How do we (business faculty) incorporate global e-commerce in our international business and international entrepreneurship courses?  How does this trend impact what and how we teach in our courses, both in terms of the environment and operations of international business and entrepreneurship?  What are emerging research topics in global e-commerce?  What are key resources (e.g., books, articles, reports, cases, videos, etc.) in global e-commerce that we can use to expand and enrich our courses? This faculty development program will address these and related topics.

Key Program Features:

  • Four 2-hour virtual workshops on global e-commerce topics, including global e-commerce marketing, global e-commerce sales and platforms, global payments, global supply chain and logistics, technologies driving global commerce, and the legal/regulatory environment impacting global e-commerce. These workshops will be scheduled every 2-3 weeks and delivered between March and June 2021.
  • Invited speakers from leading global e-commerce, technology, supply chain, finance, and logistics companies from the US and abroad.
  • Facilitation by International Business and International Entrepreneurship faculty, authors, and consultants on global e-commerce and related fields.
  • A resource guide on global e-commerce.
  • If travel conditions permit, 8-day China (Shanghai/Hangzhou) & Singapore field study and participation in an e-commerce conference in Hangzhou, China (global hub of global e-commerce) in January 2022. 
China FDIB Participants in front of a pagoda
Pictured: China FDIB 2015 Participants

For additional information, contact:

Karen Freidhof, Assistant Director, CIBER   karen.Freidhof@ucdenver.edu or 303-315-8884

Manuel Serapio, Director, CIBER    manuel.serapio@ucdenver.edu

Chen Ji Headshot

Ji Chen

Senior Instructor, Finance, International Finance Faculty Coordinator, China Initiatives
  • Business School
  • Institute for International Business (IIB)
  • Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)

Email Address:ji.chen@ucdenver.edu

Primary Phone:303-315-8403

Faculty Director Ji Chen

Ji Chen is the Director of China Initiatives for the University of Colorado Denver Center for International Business Education and Research and a Senior Instructor of Finance. He had led faculty and student study tours to China for the past 20 years.

Ji Chen teaches principles of finance, international financial management, financial institutions and markets, investment and portfolio management, corporate financial management, China and the Global Economy, and Window on China. His research focuses on China's bond and securities markets, banking system, pension and insurance reform, and human resources management practices.
Ji Chen holds a master’s degree in finance and from the University of Colorado Boulder, a master’s degree in economics from Liaoning University, and a BS in engineering from Dalian Institute of Technology.

See below for the 2019 China Faculty Development in International Business Program Flyer.

Additional Faculty Development Program Information

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