First-Year and Transfer Student Seminars

First-Year Seminars (FYS) and Transfer Seminars are one of the options CU Denver offers through First-Year Experiences to help first-year students and transfer students successfully transition into university life. Courses in the First-Year Seminar (FYS) and Transfer Seminar program offer a wide range of benefits to first-year and transfer students entering their first fall semester at CU Denver. They are content-based and taught by faculty dedicated to your success. 

FYS and Transfer Seminar faculty members integrate academic skills into their courses to help you become more successful in your academic career. FYS and Transfer Seminar classes are limited to 26 students, which creates an environment for strong interaction between you and your professor, who also doubles a mentor for your first semester of college. Additionally, FYS and Transfer Seminar courses introduce students to and engage them in CU Denver's vast student resources. Overall, we find that FYS and Transfer Seminar students experience a higher overall satisfaction with the time they spend at the university.

Students are encouraged to take an FYS or Transfer Seminar course outside of their major in order to receive Core credit. While the FYS and Transfer courses are not free like the UNIV College Success courses, students will receive three credits towards a required Core Area required for their major. Check below for details on receiving Core credit and to see what fits you best. You can also read the FYE Guide to get more information on courses and learning communities. Keep in mind that students can only take one FYS or Transfer Seminar course.

Register for an FYS or Transfer Seminar Course

New freshmen first-year students and new first-time transfer students are able to sign up for an FYS or Transfer Seminar course during the registration section of New Student Orientation. FYE staff will be present at orientation to answer your questions and distribute FYE course brochures.

Questions? Email us at 

First-Year Seminar Course Offerings Fall 2024

Please check out the Fall 2024 course offerings below to learn more about the types of seminars we offer for first-year students. 

Transfer Seminar Course Offerings Fall 2024

Please check out the Fall 2024 course offerings below to learn more about the types of seminars we offer for transfer students. As a reminder, we do have a Transfer Learning Community option for EDHD majors. Please click on the "learning communities" tab at the top for more information on that learning community.

Confirming Core Status for First-Year and Transfer Seminar Courses

Beginning in fall 2009, the CU Denver Core Curriculum Oversight Committee (CCOC) approved using one FYS course towards Core curriculum requirements. Each FYS course is individually reviewed by the CCOC for the knowledge area content, critical thinking, and writing requirements of the Core. FYS courses may only be applied toward a specific Knowledge Area of the Core, which excludes using a FYS course towards writing or mathematics proficiency in Intellectual Competencies, International Perspectives, or Cultural Diversity areas of the Core. The table below outlines all FYS courses by department/program, title, and instructor for official Core status.
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