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The information below is intended for incoming CUE&A students who have already attended a New Student Orientation Registration Day.  

Choosing a Major

It can be hard for students to decide what they want to major in. In fact, many start college not knowing what interests them and are unaware of all the majors available to them. That's where we come in. Choosing the right major is important for student success and our Center for Undergraduate Exploration and Advising (CUE&A) advisors are here to help students along their journey. 

As you start to think about your major, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • Your major doesn't dictate what you will do for the rest of your life  
  • There is no perfect major  
  • Taking a personality assessment, an interest inventory, or other test can be helpful but don’t expect them to have all the answers  
  • While academic advisors, career counselors, friends, and family will offer you good guidance, they can’t make up your mind for you — the decision is yours to make.   
  • You can change your major if you decide it’s not for you, but there may be consequences depending on your level of completion — be sure to consult your academic advisor when you’re thinking about changing your major to help you understand program requirements and make the transition smoother.

Degree Requirements   

UCDAccess: Log in to your student portal to register for classes and access your degree audit tools 

Degree Audit Tools: Check your degree progress, plan for future semesters, and review your transfer evaluation  

Degree Maps: Find information regarding degree requirements and major department contacts   

Tools to Research and Explore Majors

  • Complete the "Pathway to Your Major" exercise to help you start taking steps toward researching and choosing a major 
  • Utilize the many personality, career, and major assessments offered by the Career Center that will help you get in touch with your interests, values, skills and goals 
  • Research the majors available at CU Denver. Look not only at the list of majors available, but also at the classes required for the majors that interest you 
  • Meet regularly with your CU&A advisor to talk about the majors you might be interested in, your academic goals and interests, and your academic progress 
  • Speak to faculty members and advisors in the major departments that you are considering 
  • Research the career opportunities related to the majors that you are considering 
  • Explore The Academic Adventurer, the CUE&A newsletter for undeclared students who are exploring majors
CUE&A Advising Resources 
CUE& Academic Advising: Connect with a CUE&A Academic Advisor for general advising information and degree planning. Schedule an appointment with a CUE&A Advisor after attending a New Student Orientation Registration Day. 
Academic & Support Resources  

Academic Calendar: Review important dates and deadlines each semester  

Lynx Central: Discover campus resources and upcoming events 

Success Strategies: Set goals for achieving academic success  

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