Process Documents

Site goals

Answer these questions to start uncovering your website goals

  • What kind of content will you share?
  • Is it informational?
  • Are you offering a service?
  • Is there something you are promoting?
  • Do you have a primary call to action for visitors?


Answer these questions to start identifying your primary audiences

  • Who will visit your site?
  • What do they need while visiting your site?
  • What do they expect from your site?
  • How will they use your site?
  • Tip: When thinking about your audience, try describing each as if they are real people.

Feature requests

Consider the following when completing the template:

  • Take a look at the Sitefinity features on @web - we may have everything you need!
  • Be as descriptive as possible
  • Provide examples from other websites
  • Please categorize your requests as follows:
    • Green: must have for site launch
    • Yellow: nice to have
    • Red: future wish