People Widget (Retiring soon)

This widget was designed so that one or more professional biographies can be displayed on a page. The people widget is perfect for highlighting people on a staff, team, in a class or as part of a teaching or research group.

It is a content type, which means that the information displayed via the widget is centrally located in the "Content" area of the dashboard and is managed there, not on the individual page itself. The information for "People" is dependent upon content initially created from an authoritative source. Additional information can be added to an individual "Person" in the content area under "People".

What this widget looks like

There are four different ways to display people widgets, which you can find by choosing Edit, going to the List settings tab and selecting under List template. If you would like to sort people by name alphabetically, choose to sort by title in this same area. Here are your view options:

Basic List

Simple Card

Contact Info Card

Overview Card


Full Profile Accordion 



Full Profile



How to:

Drag the people widget from the right column onto the page. The entire persons library will appear.

Dragging People Widget

Choose Edit and in the Content tab, select which person(s) you want to display.

Selecting People for People Widget

Then, in the List settings tab, choose how you want them to display.

Selecting Display for People Widget