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Want to display content from another site? RSS feeds are great for a detailed look at a site’s new content. This reader automatically updates to deliver the newest content right to your page. 

contentTypeWidgetNOTE: This is a reusable content type widget, which means it is dependent upon content you've first created as a content type from the dashboard menu.



Title and date template

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Card template

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Title, date and summary template

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Title, date, summary and image template

CU Denver Top News

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How to

1. Start by going to your resource site and obtaining the RSS feed URL. Be sure to note if the site is Wordpress at this time.  

2. Go to the Content Tab in the dashboard and click "RSS Feed Reader".

3. Give the feed a title and paste the URL in the designated area. 

4. Select a sorting option and whether the site is "Wordpress" or "Other".

5. Decide how many items should display and how often the feed should refresh, then publish. 

6. Go to the page that needs the feed and drag and drop the RSS Feed Reader widget 

7. Click edit and select the appropriate feed title.

8. Select a view and save. 

Video Tutorial

The video below will walk you through how to use the RSS feed reader: 

RSS Feed Reader Demo

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Additional Information


Getting the RSS feed URL can be different on any website. If you are every having issues finding it, come to open lab for help! You can register here