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School of Education and Human Development University of Colorado Denver


About Us

What is P-20?

P-20 represents a comprehensive education system that extends beyond the classroom and requires support early in childhood and continues through adult workforce development. The P stands for pre-school or pre-kindergarten and the 20 indicates a system that includes graduate or professional school opportunities. In an ideal P-20 system, students’ curriculum is aligned from one year to the next, ensuring that each student will be prepared academically for each step along the education pipeline. To conceptualize the optimum P-20 education system, one need only imagine a Colorado education system in which no one drops out. Students are engaged not only in the classroom, but also through community partnerships with other sectors of society. As students progress through this model, they are motivated to continue on to a wide range of postsecondary options and training that include pathways to financial stability, and appropriate job training for the new and rapidly changing global economy.

What is the focus of P-20 initiatives at CU Denver?

The CU Denver P-20 initiative focuses on three important areas:

How the University’s own research and policywork contribute to creating a more seamless education continuum for more students.

How the University can establish new statewide and nationwide partnerships and collaborations with a “P-20” mindset.

How the University can encourage and facilitate successful transition and graduation from higher education.


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