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College of Liberal Arts & Sciences



The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is home to several programs, research projects, and policy centers that partner with organizations in the community to create a P-20 connection. Descriptions of these programs are accompanied with website and/or contact information in the following list.  Please feel free to contact us to add to this list. 


Colorado Center for Public Humanities

Website: CPH

The Colorado Center for Public Humanities takes as its core belief that the broad mission of the humanities disciplines (English, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Art History, Musicology) is to enrich public discussions about art, ideas, the historical past, and the diverse cultures of the world. Scholars can only accomplish this mission by continuously reassessing the interests and needs of the wider public and by forging connections with groups and institutions outside the university’s walls.


Colorado History Day

Website: History Day

Beginning with the 07-08 academic year, the UC Denver History Department assumed responsibility for administering Colorado History Day, which will be held Saturday, May 1, 2010.  Once a year, middle and high-school students from across the state come together to compete for the opportunity to proceed to the national history day contest.  As individual competitors or in small groups, students produce dramatic performances, imaginative exhibits, multimedia documentaries and research papers based on research related to an annual theme.  As part of the National History Day program, Colorado History Day works to improve the teaching and learning of history in elementary and secondary schools so that students become better prepared, knowledgeable citizens.


Colorado Microenterprise Technology Center

Website: CMTC

CMTC is a joint project between AETPL (University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center) and the Micro Business Development Corporation. Its function is to engage students in providing technical assistance and prototyping for small businesses. A laboratory and technology development area called the Snarkworks provides access to advanced prototyping equipment, scientific instruments, materials, and technical components. In addition to serving regional small business clients, a goal is to engage youth in early activities that connect science, technology, and entrepreneurship.


Denver Writing Project

Website: DWP

The Denver Writing Project serves teachers from all disciplines and grade levels in the Denver area and throughout much of Colorado.  With over 150 members and teacher consultants, DWP offers professional development sessions in many local schools.  As a participating site of the National Writing Project, DWP is actively involved in several national networks, which help spread best practices around Colorado including the ELL Network, Technology Network, and Urban Sites Network. DWP hosts a young writer’s camp as well as a Summer Institute for teachers to improve their own writing and their writing practices in the classroom.


Rocky Mountain Math Teacher’s Circle

The Rocky Mountain Math Teacher’s Circle is for middle-level math teachers who would like to focus on improving teachers' mathematical problem solving.  Our local chapter began in 2009 in partnership with the St. Vrain Valley School District, and is part of a national network of Math Teachers' Circles loosely organized through the American Institute of Mathematics.  We have now expanded to include teachers from any district, and while most participating teachers are from the Denver Metro area, we do have participants come from as far away as Aspen and Ft. Collins.  We hold a one-week summer immersion workshop in which a variety of mathematicians, statisticians, and teachers facilitate mathematical problem solving sessions for participants.  In addition, academic year sessions are held on Saturday mornings approximately once per month.  Graduate Credit or Continuing Education Units are available to participants.  

Smart-Girl Leadership Institute

Website: SGLI

Smart-Girl is Colorado's only near-peer led prevention and enrichment program and is designed to give girls the tools they need to become confident, capable and self-reliant women. The program is evidence based.  Currently, there are 14 programs throughout the Front Range (Colorado Springs to Ft. Collins) serving more than 800 girls annually. The unique program groups teams of preteen girls in small, interactive groups with highly-trained near-peer group leaders (high school and college students) called “guides” who lead weekly sessions on topics such as communication skills, bullying, self-image, peer pressure, and conflict resolution. Guides are trained at the Smart-Girl Leadership Institute at the University of Colorado Denver and Colorado Springs campuses, and have the option to receive college credit while they are guiding younger students through a fun and proven curriculum. If the guide does not choose to receive college credit, she may choose to be paid instead. Smart-Girl is interested in partnering with a workforce development program to promote Smart-Girl as a meaningful and skills-building employment opportunity for low-income girls in high school.


Social Studies Internship

Contact: CLAS, Department of History

The History Department sponsors a required year-long internship for undergraduate students doing social studies teacher licensure.  This internship substitutes for the first SEHD internship.  It involves working with DPS middle and high school students on their projects for History Day which is a national program operating in all fifty states.  They have placed their students in a number of DPS schools but are currently working with George Washington High School and the Denver School of the Arts.  This year their internship has been nominated for an award from the National Council for the Social Studies.




STEMapalooza features over 100 exhibitors from around the state of Colorado that support Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math programs for students and educators and employ hundreds of thousands of jobs in STEM related careers. The goal of STEMapalooza is to bring industry, educational institutions and organizations together to: Create urgency and enthusiasm about the need for continuous and rigorous STEM education focused on the needs of the economy, develop awareness of opportunities in STEM education in Colorado, engage policymakers and the media in the STEM conversation, develop networks and partnerships among STEM providers, connect employers and job seekers with the thousands of available jobs/internships/externships that utilize STEM education and skills, highlight successes and generate a forum for sharing STEM practices across stakeholder groups, take responsibility for improving competitiveness in the international arena of STEM education.


Teaching American History Grant

Contact: CLAS, Department of History

The History Department is in the final year of their second three-year partnership with DPS on a Teaching American History grant from the U.S. Department of Education.  Each grant has provided approximately $900K to DPS over the three years.  The grant requires that school districts partner with local colleges or universities.  The History department’s role has been to provide continuing education for DPS teachers in the form of workshops focused on the academic topics they are teaching in American history in middle and high schools.


The Urban Citizen and CU at the Capitol

Contact: Urban Citizen:

CU at the Capitol:

Website: Urban Citizen 

For more than 10 years, students from the Political Science Department service learning course PSC, The Urban Citizen, have served as mentors and tutors for students at the DPS PS-1 Charter School, fall and spring semesters.  We have an experiential learning requirement and students fulfill their experiential learning requirement by the Urban Citizen, CU at the Capitol or an individual internship.


Virginia Tech project PREP: Partnership for Research and Education in Plants

Contact:; Dept. of Biology

Website: PREP

PREP is a collaborative effort with high school classes to do inquiry based science. Information is presented by Lisa Johansen, UCD Biology Assistant Professor, on her research on Arabidopsis (genetic model organism in plants) to the students.  They design experiments to look for phenotypes in mutant plant lines that are caused by environmental stress.  The fascinating part of this project is that the students are doing real science. They are working on mutant plant lines that Johansen works on in her research lab.  They are designing and analyzing their own experiments. The students then get together with Johansen and discuss their results and try and put it into the big picture of current research on plant biology.  UCD has just become an official dissemination site, with the likes of Univ. of Wisconsin, Iowa State, and Cornell. 



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