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Robert (Bud) Talbot, PhD

Assistant Professor, Science Education

My Story:

From a very early age, I was very interested in asking questions about natural phenomena. When I was a child, my family and I spent a lot of time outdoors doing all sorts of activities: hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, and just traveling about. These activities gave me the opportunity to observe and to inquire. From this was born my natural love and enthusiasm for science.

My formal science education is in geology and physics. Having been born into a family of educators, it is no surprise that I eventually chose science teaching as a career. I taught science in grades 7-12 for seven years in both rural Indiana and suburban Houston, Texas. While teaching, I became interested in better understanding how my students were thinking about the science content that they were learning. I realized that understanding students’ cognitive processes was one of the keys to facilitating their science learning. Also, I came to understand the importance of classroom assessment practice as being central to good instruction. This motivated me to better understand the relationships between curriculum, instruction, and assessment. These motivations, along with a desire to help recruit and educate high quality science teachers, led me to pursue my PhD at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and then to take this job at CU Denver.

My Students at CU Denver:

My students are undergraduate science majors, promising future science teachers and accomplished practicing science teachers. Together we share a passion for science teaching and learning. It is my hope that through our interactions and activities, we can build on that enthusiasm and work to ensure that all K-12 students have the access and opportunity to become excited about doing science.

Classes I Teach:
  • Introduction to Teaching and Learning Science-SECE 4050/5050
  • Inquiry Science Pedagogy and Practices-UEDU 4401/5401
  • Elementary science Methods—UEDU 4004/5004
  • Science and Mathematics Curriculum Studies—ELED 6110
  • Assessment in Science Education—SECE/ELED 5800
My research interests:

My research focuses on science teacher education, measurement in science education and assessment practices.

My Hobbies:

I enjoy running long distances, cycling, backcountry skiing and snowshoeing, hiking and camping. The thing I enjoy most is engaging in these activities with my wife and our twin daughters.

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