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Arvada High School

​​7951 W. 65th Ave.  

Arvada, CO  80004       
CU Denver Site Professor:  Beth Hays (
Site Coordinator:  Wendy Havelick (
Principal:  Ms. Kathy Norton
Mascot:  Bulldog
School Colors:  Red & White

Arvada High School became a CU Denver professional development school the fall of 2011.  Arvada High School is a comprehensive high school with a diverse enrollment of approximately 1000 students.  AHS is an urban school in a suburban setting.  The mission of AHS is to engage, empower, elevate and prepare all students for post-secondary options. Our staff consistently integrates high quality reading, writing and vocabulary instruction to improve all students' literacy development and content learning.  The staff members are dedicated to their community and are committed to the students at AHS. 

AHS students earn an average of $1.2 million in scholarships each year. Last year, 3 students received a Daniels Scholarship; 1 received a Gates Scholarship. A wide range of extracurricular activities and sports are available to students.  In addition, AHS students are actively involved with their community.  Each year the school hosts a popular Trick or Treat Street, Empty Bowls (to benefit the Arvada Food bank), coat drives and activities with Marcella Manor (senior citizen housing located next to the school.)

During the first semester of each year, all ninth graders are assigned a Link Leader to support their transition into high school.  As a part of their nested case study, CU Denver teacher candidates also support small groups of ninth graders who have been identified as being at risk for success. 

Arvada High School is a part of the Jeffco Literacy Project with the theme:   Read... Write... Into Graduation! Literacy is not something to put on an already crowded plate... Literacy IS the plate!

Goals of Jeffco Literacy Project at Arvada High School: 

  • The staff will consistently integrate high quality reading, writing and vocabulary instruction to improve all students' literacy development and content learning.
  • Strong evidence of a focus on literacy improvement can be found in ALL classrooms and throughout the school.

In addition to traditional academic offerings, AHS addresses the needs of diverse learners.   A strong program supports students who are on individual education plans, for English language learners as well as advanced and gifted learners.   Additional programs to support student needs include:
Opportunities to earn college credit while at AHS

  • The Ascent Program seeks to ensure that all students are given the chance to succeed in the world of higher education by making college coursework and credit more accessible. Ascent students concurrently complete high school graduation requirements and college coursework to receive transferrable college credit at minimal cost.
  • Students also have the opportunity to earn college credit through the CU Succeed program.  Many AP classes and electives like Sociology and Anthropology participate in this program.
  • Grade point averages for honors college preparation and AP courses are weighted. 

North Area Option School
As a public "school of choice within a school," the North Area Option School operates as an integral-yet-separate instructional program at Arvada High School. As such, it features a rigorous college preparatory curriculum delivered in a highly disciplined environment. That curricular focus is based on a belief that students should be able to choose a course of study centered around an essential, demanding body of knowledge. The school is committed to the premise that mastery of that body of knowledge acquired through intense study of core academic subjects will prepare students for equally challenging experiences at the university level and beyond.

A coordinated humanities program with a learning focus on a rigorous college preparatory curriculum is offered. Traditional courses are offered but are expanded to include college preparatory as well as Advanced Placement courses such as AP English, AP History, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, a variety of AP Science courses including AP Biology and Genetics and AP World Languages. Similar challenges are integral to the entire curriculum.  (Courses are also open to students who are non-NAOS students).

North Area Night School--Jeffco Public Schools Credit Recovery
The North Area Night School provides a low-cost alternative to high school credit recovery in Jeffco.  NANS offers a variety of core courses designed specifically to determine student deficits within core content and provide structured instruction to support those needs.  Please contact Matthew Hilbert, NANS Director at (303) 982-0202 or for questions.
Finally, Arvada High School is dedicated to creating life-long learners.  With this goal we work closely with local colleges and universities to help prepare the next generation of quality teachers.  We are excited about bringing CU Denver’s Urban Community Teacher Education program to our community.  We look forward to working with you this year!​

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