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Goldrick Elementary School


1050 S. Zuni St.
Denver, CO 80223
Phone: (303) 935-3544

Principal: Dr. Maria Uribe,
Site Professor: Dr. Linda Bruce,
Site Coordinator: Tania Hogan,

Welcome to Goldrick Elementary School in Denver Public Schools! Goldrick is a neighborhood school in Southwest Denver with a student population of approximately 620 students in Early Childhood Education through 5th grade. The majority of the students are Hispanic (87%). The other ethnic groups include Asian (5.7%), Caucasian (4%), African-American (1.6%) and Native American (1%). Goldrick supports the highest English Language Learner population in the District (63%), of whom the majority are Spanish speakers. Other languages include Vietnamese, Somalian, Chinese and others.

Our principal, Dr. Maria Uribe, has been at Goldrick for the last 17 years and as a bilingual educator with a passion for instruction, she knows exactly what our students and teachers need. We are very lucky to have her as our leader!

Three qualities that distinguish Goldrick from other neighborhood schools are the innovative ways we deliver services to our English Language Learners, our dynamic partnership with the University of Colorado Denver, and our dedicated, skilled staff!

Our common vision, teamwork and flexible student grouping ensure that all our students acquire strong English language, literacy and math skills. We provide differentiated instruction through the Response to Instruction (RtI) model. Students continue to demonstrate growth in all academic areas. We are particularly proud of our students' performance on the CSAP Math assessment that shows a phenomenal growth of 130% over the past five years. Our 2007-2008 CSAP scores met the Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) goal and the School Performance Framework (SPF) is Accredited.

Our partnership with the University affords the faculty with access to cutting-edge academic resources. Strong leadership and team-building collaboration lead to active participation of all teachers in a thoughtful school-wide improvement plan resulting in academic growth. Our highly-qualified teachers are attuned to our students' social, cultural and academic needs. Most of our teachers hold advanced degrees and have over 10 years of teaching experience.

Goldrick offers after-school programs that meet the academic, physical and social well-being of students. These include Club-Z, Destination Imagination, Denver Success Math and Reading tutoring, Dance, Chess Club, Choir, Cup-Stacking, and various organized sports activities. You can stay after school and enjoy the experience of participating in one of these clubs!

During your internships you will get lots of teaching experience right away! We have monthly grade level meetings where our teachers meet to look at student work and bring the data they have gathered from Summary Writing, Prompt Writing and Math Estimation and Data and work towards looking at patterns in the data, identifying next steps and planning appropriate whole group and small group lessons. While the teachers meet, our TC's cover the classrooms for the day. It is a great learning experience and it lets our TC’s practice being "solo" before their solo weeks.

You will also participate in Vertical Team Meetings which meet three times a month, across grade levels and are divided out by Reading, Writing, Math and Science.
We have many exciting events that happen at Goldrick, such as Literacy Nights, Math Nights and Science Nights, as well as a great performance by our Choir and artwork from our students, created during their Art Class.

One of our biggest celebrations is "Cinco De Mayo" where you will enjoy a Mariachi Band, dancing by our own students and parents, food, and a market where kids can "buy" arts and crafts that they made. A truly cultural event!!

We usually have between 10-14 Teacher Candidates in one semester, so you will have the opportunity to get to know many other teacher candidates. Our TCs, through their Legacy Projects, have made significant contributions to our school. For example, last year our TCs created our school website!

We are very proud of our school and can't wait for you to come and share the experience of teamwork and learning here at Goldrick Elementary!

See you soon!

Tania Hogan, UCD Site Coordinator/Literacy Interventionist and Coach

Dr. Linda Bruce, UCD Site Professor

Dr. Maria Uribe, Principal, Goldrick Elementary School

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Human Development

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