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School of Education and Human Development

Teaching for Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (TCLD) Certificate

Teaching for Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (TCLD) Certificate

Teaching for Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (TCLD) Certificate

The TCLD Certificate is a graduate certificate providing a foundation in teaching content to students whose first language is other than English. The program is designed for content-area teachers (math, science, social studies, etc.) who have English language learners in their classes. This certificate is also valuable to content-area coaches or administrators who provide support for teachers with English language learners. The certificate is appropriate for public school and community college personnel. 

Certificate Structure

The certificate totals 9 credit hours. CLDE 5030 and CLDE 5820 can also be applied toward the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate. Additional courses and applications are required for the Endorsements or TESOL Certificate.

Certificate Format

Hybrid  (online and face-to-face)


Tuition for each course is $260/credit, plus student fees of $10/credit, plus a $50 hybrid course fee, for a total of $860; $2,580 per certificate.

Related Degree Programs

MA Curriculum and Instruction 

Each course may be applied directly toward a MA degree with an emphasis in Linguistically Diverse Education (LDE) or Literacy while also fulfilling the requirements toward a Colorado LDE Endorsement or the Colorado Reading Teaching Endorsement 

Courses Term Offered
CLDE 5030: Language and Literacy Acquisition
This course is designed to help teachers understand the relationship between language and literacy acquisition. The focus is on both first and second language acquisition and the interaction of two languages and its impact on the acquisition of literacy in young children. The course lays the foundation for an understanding of the nature of the relationship between cognition and language; language acquisition from the perspective of the individuals within their respective linguistic communities and how literacy is acquired within increasingly broader sociolinguistic contexts. Students explore areas of literacy (reading and writing) and responsive teaching, particularly in diverse school settings with the understanding that diversity of culture, language, gender orientation, abilities and economics is the growing norm in our schools. Topics of interest to the lab are literacy development, language acquisition, assessment, culturally responsive teaching practices, professional development and school reform.
CLDE 5820: Techniques in Teaching ESL
Develops skills in using a variety of classroom techniques to teach English as a second language. The course is a practical presentation of ESL methods and techniques. Examples of classroom practices are taken from the full educational spectrum, from public schools to pre-university intensive courses on adult education.
LCRT 5770: Effective Literacy Instruction for Second Language Learners      Students explore and critique various methods and strategies for teaching reading and writing to non-native English speakers. Students acquire a foundation in written language acquisition for both first and second language learners. Summer

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