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Highly Effective School Libraries Certificate

Highly Effective School Libraries Certificate

Highly Effective School Libraries Certificate

The certificate serves three key goals for the advancement of school librarians.

  • Provides a foundation for school librarians who are not endorsed as a certified school librarian and are hired as a classified school library manager or paraprofessional.
  • Increases demonstrated focus around the school library programs using data to impact student achievement.
  • Updates current librarians’ skills based on the Colorado State Library’s competencies for highly effective school library programs.

Over the course of the certificate, participants will develop competencies in four key areas as identified by the Colorado State Libraries’ Highly Effective School Library Program: planning, instructional support, leadership, and library management. The 21st Century school library skills developed over the course of this certificate include:

  • Goal setting
  • Collaboration
  • Instructional delivery strategies
  • Assessment of student work
  • Reading development
  • Special programing and program marketing
  • School leadership and administrative support
  • Resource and collection development
  • Technology integration
  • Media literacy and learning-focused integration of technology

Certificate Structure

The certificate is designed as a three‐course sequence. These three courses meet the standards of 21st Century School Librarians and enable the school librarians to better understand 21st Century learning skills, digital literacy, and the integration of technology that aligns with the Colorado State Standards and is expected in highly effective school library programs.

The certificate consists of three courses, totaling 9 credit hours, and may be earned in one year. You may join into the certificate at any point in the sequence.

Certificate Format



All courses are three graduate credit hours. Tuition is $359.50/credit, plus student fees of $10/credit, plus $100 online course fee, for a total of $1,208.50/course.​​

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MA Information and Learning Technologies - School Library and Instructional Leadership

Courses Term Offered
SCHL 5030: Information Literacy and Reference
​​The purpose of the Information Literacy and Reference course is the increase your awareness of the Information Literacy Standards and how they apply to instruction across the curriculum. Collaboration, Leadership and Technology are key components to School Library programs. Physical and online reference collections will be examined to help you create a tool for teaching Information Literacy and Reference at your school.
SCHL 5160: Managing School Library Programs
​​This course explores how to be successful in the organization and administration of the school library. We will examine such topics as library leadership, project management, personnel administration, budget developments, intellectual freedom, reports, and copyright.
INTE 5300: Media Literacy and Maker Culture
Media literacy matters in the digital age. School Librarians play a crucial role in fostering mindful media consumption and creation with their students. This course is designed to provide School Librarians with fundamental knowledge about the theoretical foundations of media literacy and to assist in developing a plan of action for bringing engaging media literacy learning activities to their students.

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