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School of Education and Human Development University of Colorado Denver

School of Education and Human Development

Literacy and Language Development for English Language Learners Certificate

Literacy and Language Development for English Language Learners Certificate

Literacy and Language Development for English Language Learners Certificate

This graduate certificate program is for teachers of English Language Learners, and was developed in response to public school districts’ need to improve reading and writing achievement for students whose first language is other than English. The program is designed for teachers of elementary and secondary grades and those teaching special reading classes.

Certificate Structure

The certificate consists of three to four graduate courses, each 3 credits, totaling 9-12 credit hours. The certificate may be completed in one year. Students should begin the certificate with either LCRT 5810 or LCRT 5770 and end the certificate with LCRT 5055 or LCRT 5140.

Certificate Format

This certificate is currently offered through district partnerships. If you are interested in this certificate, please e-mail us.


Tuition determined by the partnership.

Related Degree Programs

MA Curriculum and Instruction

Credits may be applied toward this degree with an emphasis in either LDE or Reading and Writing as well as the CU Reading Teacher Endorsement. Additional courses and applications are required for these programs.

LCRT 5810: Workshop in Language Acquisition and Development
The course focuses on language development and use in literacy education settings, and addresses learners with English as their first language, second–language learners of English, bi-dialectal speakers, and bilingual speakers. Teachers collect and analyze language samples, evaluate teaching materials, and examine teaching techniques in light of the material covered in the course. Using the data collected, teachers examine language structures, skills, and vocabulary as well as discourse patterns, language registers, and communication interactions used for a variety of purposes (e.g., academic language) in a variety of contexts.
LCRT 5770: Effective Literacy Instruction for Second Language Learners
Teachers explore and critique various methods and strategies for teaching literacy to English language learners.  Teachers acquire a foundation in techniques for supporting academic reading, vocabulary, and writing acquisition for second language learners of English.
LCRT 5055: Linking Assessment to Instruction
This course is a study in the use of assessment data as a guide for making instructional decisions. Teachers will explore a variety of assessments of language proficiency, literacy and content concepts. Also, teachers will use data to make decisions about how to best differentiate instruction and document student progress over time. Increased expertise and working knowledge in these areas will provide participants with additional tools for their work as classroom teachers and instructional leaders.


LCRT 5140 Multicultural Education
This course develops an understanding of the pluralistic nature of U.S. society and the role of the school within this social context. Examines the legal and cultural history of language education in Colorado and the U.S. as well as the impact of changing demographics on schools. Participants study themselves and their students as cultural beings and develop an understanding of how their own cultural identity affects their teaching. This course fulfills the culture requirement for SEHD “core courses”. It also fulfills the culture requirement for the Colorado LDE Endorsement and the LDE Master’s Concentration. It may also serve as an elective in the LDE Master’s concentration. Note: LALC 5140, 5150, 5160. Each of these three courses satisfies the requirements for the Colorado Endorsement in Linguistically Diverse Education and the LDE Master’s concentration. The content of the courses are related, but the focus of each course is sufficiently different that students in the Master’s program may use a second or third course in the sequence as an elective. 

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