Middle School Program

Program Overview

The CU Denver Pre-Collegiate Middle School Academic Program (PCMSAP) is an academic enhancement program for first-generation students, meaning that neither of their biological nor adoptive parents completed a four-year college degree. The program is designed to give first-generation seventh-graders and eighth-graders who are planning to attend college the skills they need to do well in high school, graduate, and successfully transition to college.

To get the most out of their experience, students accepted to the program are expected to remain active participants throughout middle school.  

The program offers students the opportunity to engage in a variety of college preparation activities throughout the school year. The academic component is offered through the monthly Saturday Academies where students get supplemental instruction and work on their basic study skills, including note-taking, test preparation, and effective listening. Students will also develop their communication skills, explore careers, get guidance on how to prepare for college, and participate in parent partnership workshops.

Middle school students who successfully complete the program with a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average) will be admitted to the Pre-Collegiate Development Program for high school students at the beginning of their freshman year.

Eligibility and Responsibilities



  • Seventh-graders and eighth-graders
  • Be a first-generation college student, meaning neither of their biological or adoptive parents completed a four-year college degree
  • Planning to attend college
  • Attend a target middle school
  • Have a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average)

Students must also meet at least one of the additional requirements.

  • Be a member of a one-parent family
  • Be the eldest in the family
  • Planning to continue their education beyond high school

Responsibilities and Expectations

Our staff is committed to providing our students with every opportunity to develop their academic skills and succeed in their educational journey. But, to get the full benefit from their experiences and fulfill their academic potential, it’s up to the students to actively participate in program activities and commit to their own success.

  • Be active program participants throughout their middle school years
  • Attend and be fully involved in all program-sponsored activities
  • Cooperate with the program staff in all program-related matters

Saturday Academy

During the school year, students in the middle school program attend monthly Saturday Academies. The academies focus on teaching basic study skills.

  • Note-taking
  • Preparing for tests
  • Effective listening
  • Organization
  • Time management

Student will also learn how to be effective communicators and leaders, explore career options and prepare to make a successful transition to high school.

Application Process

Ready to apply to the CU Denver Pre-Collegiate Middle School Academic Program?

Only students who meet the program requirements will be considered for participation.

Please contact the manager before completing any forms.

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