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International Travel Oversight

This policy outlines the oversight responsibility of the Office of International Affairs for all university-related international travel undertaken by University of Colorado Denver I Anschutz Medical Campus faculty, students, staff and non-university-affiliated travelers accompanying university international travelers.

Faculty & Staff International Travel Policy

This policy provides guidance for faculty and staff concerning University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus-related or sponsored international travel, whether by faculty or staff or faculty accompanied by students. It also covers non-university travelers (such as volunteers, spouses and family members, and independent contractors) accompanying university travelers. It outlines the obligations of faculty who are overseeing student international travel when the faculty member does not accompany the student(s). This policy provides guidance to mitigate and manage risk for faculty and staff entailed in international travel under the auspices of the University. Such travel includes all international travel related to the faculty or staff member’s professional responsibilities at the University, including travel pertaining to research, teaching, invited presentation, and all travel that includes supervisions of students, residents, fellows or other trainees. (Note: Grant-funded international travel, where the grant is processed through the University or the CU Foundation, is subject to this policy as well as to any regulations set by the granting agency.)

Faculty Traveling with Student(s) & Student International Travel Policy

‚ÄčThis policy outlines the rules for international travel for University of C‚Äčolorado Denver students receiving academic credit and faculty traveling with students abroad. 

Travel Suspension Appeals Form

The appeals form provides step-by-step instructions aimed to prepare students for international travel while mitigating general and country specific risk factors that increase in unfamiliar environments. This form must be completed 3 months prior to departure for faculty traveling w/students or students traveling abroad to a university sanctioned nation. More information can be found on the Global Education website.