International Travel Guidance & Policy

International Travel is a highly-valued activity for any contemporary research university seeking to promote global learning, endeavoring to engage in international research, and aspiring to cultivate worldwide collaboration and partnerships. However, International travel is not a risk-free activity. 

The International Risk Management Committee has developed this site to assist all international travelers traveling abroad under the auspices of the university. Our aim is to provide essential information in a single site that will enable ease of compliance with university international travel regulations and procedures and promote awareness and compliance with U.S. laws. It is important that all university staff, faculty, and students have University international travel information. This site will help you navigate the essential steps from travel authorization to your return home. If you have additional questions or specific needs professional staff in the Office of International Affairs and  University Risk Management is available to assist you. Please feel free to contact us and others listed on this site if you require additional assistance. We wish you safe travels.

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