Meet Zoe

Studied... Music Business

Became... Sound Engineer & Musician

  • Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina 
  • Real-world Work Experience as a Student 
  • Lived on Campus 
  • Worked for the Office of International Affairs 
  • CU Denver Graduate (BA, ’23) 
Zoe sitting on campus with reflection of mural in background
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What sold me on CU Denver was the fact that it was downtown, that it was in the city. Because I crave the city, I need that, especially for my career as a musician. I need to see the venues. I need the people.

Zoe holding guitar in front of CU Denver Lynx statue

Zoe's Moment

Zoe M. knew she wanted to be a musician—she got her first guitar at age 6 and still plays it—but she also wanted to learn more about how the industry worked, to live in a city packed with culture, and to find a way to blend it all together. She found that perfect combination at CU Denver, where she could take classes on the downtown campus during the day and play music gigs in the city at night. 

I love this campus—it’s gorgeous. Every single spot on campus is calling you to go get a coffee, sit for a while, do your homework. I really enjoy going to the library, when the weather is nice, just sitting outside, chatting with friends, getting lunch.

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