Meet Andrea

Studied... Psychology

Became... Public Servant & Business Executive

  • Transfer Student
  • First Person in Her Family to Go to College
  • Aviation Industry Leader
  • Community Advocate
  • CU Denver Graduate (BA '05)
Andrea standing in front of mural
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As a transfer student and the first person in my family to go to college, CU Denver helped me meet my moment.

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Andrea's Moment

As a first-generation college student, Andrea A. knew that investing in her future with a degree at CU Denver would change her life. And it did by providing her with flexible learning options so she could juggle becoming a mom, holding a job, and taking classes, while increasing her lifelong financial stability. More than two decades after the moment she received her diploma, Andrea is still making an impact as a public servant in the city she calls home.  

I grew up watching two powerful women, my mother and grandmother, break through barriers and make a difference. Thanks to CU Denver, I launched a career that lets me continue that legacy. 

Transferring in

Like many CU Denver students, Andrea started earning college credits at another institution before transferring to CU Denver. “I transferred to CU Denver because they believe that education works for all,” she said. “Their flexible learning options let me work, start a family, and begin my career—all while earning my degree.” 

Andrea standing in front of Trivoli building
Andrea in office at Denver airport overlooking concourse

Investing in Her Future

Andrea understood that earning a degree could transform her financial future. “I wanted to go to CU Denver because I knew a college degree would help me find financial sustainability,” she said. “And it has. CU Denver helped launch my career in public service.” 

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