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Studied... Architecture

Becoming... Licensed Architect

  • Transfer Student 
  • Multiple Internships
  • Worked Full-time During Graduate School
  • Co-founded a Podcast 
  • Two-time CU Denver Graduate (BS ’20; MS ’23) 
Jarrett standing in front of a mural
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Jarrett at commencement holding up diploma after walking across stage

Jarrett's Moment

As an aspiring architect, Jarrett H. knew that CU Denver’s urban campus provided the best opportunity for him to learn his profession while interning and gaining real-world experience—all while being influenced by the buildings, landscape, and neighborhoods around him. He’d commute to campus by train, ride a scooter to get from class to his job downtown, and take in views of the mountains and skyscrapers along the way. Now, he’s building spaces that are inspired by communities and nature with a global point of view. 

Being close to the mountains and nature, being close to my family, and then being close to the city…CU Denver helped bring those aspects of my life together and that’s been the greatest benefit.

Flexible learning

Jarrett knew he wanted to get his college degree, but he wanted to find a way to earn money, go to school, and build his career. “When I first met with my advisor here at CU Denver, he said ‘I absolutely understand and you can totally split your education up this way,’” Jarrett said. That meant that he could balance internships and classes to make sure that when he graduated, he wasn’t just ready for his next step, he was already in motion. “It was very clear to me that I could work, play, and do school at the same time, the way I wanted to.”  

Jarrett standing in front of sculpture on CU Denver campus
Jarrett looking at architectural drawings hanging on wall

Diverse community

There was something unique about Jarrett’s classes. The students were from a wide variety of cultures, backgrounds, privileges, and ages, which had an impact on the conversations in and out of the classrooms. “You’re learning from a completely different perspective, not just the professors,” he said. “When you're talking about architecture and designing spaces for people, that’s important to understand.”  

Why Graduate School?

Getting a master’s degree was a professional and personal choice because it gave Jarrett options to advance his career and expand on the ideas he’d started to explore as an undergrad. “Doing a master of architecture, especially here in a city that I very much adore, I was able to make more deep connections. I was able to network more, make more friends,” Jarrett said. “These are relationships that will probably last a lifetime, right?” 

Jarrett sitting in student center

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