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Welcome to CU Denver CIBER's Lifelong Learning Program

Welcome to the Lifelong Learning program! As an alumni of the Executive MBA or MS International Business programs, you have access to the Lifelong Learning Program, where you can continue your professional development in international business through articles, videos, trainings, courses, and events. Use this page to navigate between the resources CU Denver CIBER's Lifelong Learning Program can provide.

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As a Lifelong Learning Program member, you have free attendance to all CU Denver CIBER virtual events and up to four International Executive Roundtable (IER) events, per academic year, and one Global Context of Business workshop free of charge.

You may choose to attend additional IER events for $50 each, and additional Global Context of Business workshops for $100 each.


See below for our full list of upcoming events:


Denver Startup Week - "Global High Impact Entrepreneurship: Building a Digital Platform for Kindness"

| 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Karen Freidhof

Denver Startup Week
Founder Session:
"Global High Impact Entrepreneurship: Building a Digital Platform for Kindness".

Monday, October 4, 2021
11:00 am – 12:00 pm (Mountain Time)
Virtual Event 

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In this session, we will examine how digital technologies (including AI, blockchain, cloud computing, and data analytics) are transforming the world of high-impact global entrepreneurship. Drawing on the experiences of Touch-A-Life Foundation, an entrepreneurial global social enterprise, and its corporate, technology, social entrepreneurial, academic, and non-profit partners, this session will address how companies can use new technologies to more effectively connect donors and donor recipients in the U.S. and across borders; provide new and multiple platforms for giving; and raise awareness on issues impacting our most vulnerable communities. Session participants will gain a fresh perspective on the exciting roles that entrepreneurs can play in order to help build a better world during this digital age of globalization.

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