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Welcome to CU Denver CIBER's Lifelong Learning Program

Welcome to the Lifelong Learning program! As an alumni of the Executive MBA or MS International Business programs, you have access to the Lifelong Learning Program, where you can continue your professional development in international business through articles, videos, trainings, courses, and events. Use this page to navigate between the resources CU Denver CIBER's Lifelong Learning Program can provide.

Upcoming Events

Event Details

As a Lifelong Learning Program member, you have free attendance to all CU Denver CIBER virtual events and up to four International Executive Roundtable (IER) events, per academic year, and one Global Context of Business workshop free of charge.

You may choose to attend additional IER events for $50 each, and additional Global Context of Business workshops for $100 each.


See below for our full list of upcoming events:

Data Reinvented: How Experian is turning into a global technology company

| 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM
Cost/fee: Free
Room Number: Suite 150
CU Denver Building
1250 14th Street
Denver, CO
Elizabeth Hanson
Phone :

International Executive Roundtable

Global Intrapreneurship: Learnings from one of the world’s largest data companies
Becky Park, Product Marketing Director for Experian Data Quality – North America

Tuesday, November 19, 2019
12:00 – 1:30 pm
Executive MBA Auditorium, CU Denver Building
1250 14th Street, Suite 150
Lunch will be provided
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Lecture Overview

Experian, most commonly known in the U.S. for its credit bureau services, is more than 100 years old. Incorporated in Ireland, this multinational company offers a wide range of data, analytics, software and services to help individuals and organizations make better decisions. UC Denver Business School and IIB Alumnus, Becky Park, has spent the past three years in both global and regional product marketing roles for Experian. Her discussion will include (1) an overview of Experian’s global market opportunities and how they plan to win by leveraging innovation, (2) Experian’s decentralized matrix structure which is both an advantage and a challenge, (3) the entrepreneurial characteristics that drive both successes and failures in a multinational corporation, and (4) global product marketing as an expanding profession.       


Becky Park, MSIB, MBA

Becky Park is Product Marketing Director for Experian Data Quality - North America at Experian. As a dual graduate of University of Colorado Denver’s MBA and MS International Business, Becky has used her experiences to better understand business needs and to have confidence to act when others hold back. This led to Becky winning the 2018 Experian Elite Award, which is given to one employee per division.


Prior to her work at Experian, Becky spent 13 years as an independent consultant honing her entrepreneurial skills, first with strategic marketing firm, Park Place Marketing, and then for seven years focused on B2B tech company expansions with her company, The International Entrepreneur. As a graduate student, Becky worked for several years part time in the Institute for International Business.


International Executive Roundtables

International Executive Roundtables are hosted by CU Denver’s Institute for International Business (IIB) and Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) with support from the late Burton Charles Boothby and the St. Charles Investment Company, and the Carole Ann Jemal-Gibson and Greg Gibson Fund. 


This IER is part of a new IIB initiative for 2019-2022 called the IB-CIBER Fellows Program, a program for CU graduates with global jobs and careers to return to CU and share their experience and expertise in international business with the current students, fellow alumni, and other members of the IIB community.


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