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Welcome to the Lifelong Learning program! As an alumni of the Executive MBA or MS International Business programs, you have access to the Lifelong Learning Program, where you can continue your professional development in international business through articles, videos, trainings, courses, and events. Use this page to navigate between the resources CU Denver CIBER's Lifelong Learning Program can provide.

Upcoming Events

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As a Lifelong Learning Program member, you have free attendance to all CU Denver CIBER virtual events and up to four International Executive Roundtable (IER) events, per academic year, and one Global Context of Business workshop free of charge.

You may choose to attend additional IER events for $50 each, and additional Global Context of Business workshops for $100 each.


See below for our full list of upcoming events:

International Education Week 2019 Live-Stream Workshop

| 11:00 AM - 02:45 PM
Cost/fee: Free
Lecture location:
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20202

Live streaming is available for this event. For more information, see attached flyer.

International Education Week 2019
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