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Since 1989, the Institute for International Business has hosted the International Executive Roundtable lecture series for university students, staff, faculty, and members of the international business community. These events serve as a forum in which executives and government officials meet with university faculty, staff, and students to discuss timely issues in international business. They also educate students, staff, and faculty about international business practices and provide exposure to the experiences of executives in the global marketplace. International Executive Roundtables allow lecturers to speak on real world scenarios and pass valuable research insights on to faculty.

The IIB designates featured lectures by renowned speakers as distinguished lectures: Robert Reynolds Distinguished Lecture (led and hosted by CU Denver's Business School), The Greg and Carol Jemal-Gibson Distinguished Lecture, and the Burton Boothby Distinguished Lecture.

Upcoming Events

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State of Amazonas: Promises and Challenges

| 02:00 PM - 03:30 PM
Brazil has the largest economy in Latin America and its Amazon region is an emerging business frontier. Brazil’s Amazon is rich in natural resources and its diversity has the potential to make Brazil’s Amazon region a key player in the global, green, and innovation economy. What business and partnership opportunities does the State of Amazonas offer to US and Colorado companies? What challenges does the Amazon region face? Governor Wilson Miranda Lima and a panel of business and education experts will address these and related questions.
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For over 20 years, the playbook is almost always identical. It is much less clear though what Putin really wants – forcing the West to renegotiate a new security structure for Europe, resuscitating the Soviet Union, building himself a legacy comparable to Alexander, the Great? In his lecture, Prof. Stefes will try to answer this question. He will also assess how the West should respond to Russia’s aggressive foreign and security policy.
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Past Events

Interested in speaking at an International Executive Roundtable? Contact Karen Freidhof to discuss your proposed topic.

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