University Honors and Leadership Program

The University Honors and Leadership Program (UHL) provides students with unique learning experiences, scholarship support, and a sense of community unlike anything else at the university. Students who come from myriad majors complete coursework together in small, discussion-based seminars taught by exceptional faculty. UHL courses have an interdisciplinary focus and explore a range of important topics. With a focus on developing skills to analyze, understand, and solve complex social problems from multiple perspectives, UHL students learn to be leaders through discussion-based classes, personal goal-setting, and community engagement.

Students who enter in their first year of college complete 24-27 credit hours together, which includes completion of the majority of the CU core requirements (you will still need math and lab science) and a minor in Multidisciplinary Honors and Leadership upon graduation.

Students who enter UHL as an upper division student will complete 15 credit hours together and will earn a minor in Honors and Leadership Studies upon graduation.

Are you a student who...then UHL may be for you.
Benefits from learning from other students?
Loves discussion-based classes?
Embraces opportunities to have ideas challenged?
Wants to be part of a hard-working student community?

UHL Program

  • Access to the UHL house with workspace, computers, printer, copier, meeting room, and UHL staff and faculty

  • Dedicated Advising and peer mentoring

  • Innovative curriculum with a wide range of multidisciplinary courses taught by leading faculty

  • UHL scholarship and opportunities to apply for additional UHL-specific scholarships

  • Membership in a cohort-based community that provides intellectual and social opportunities from the moment you arrive on campus

  • International education experiences, including study abroad programs with fellow UHL students

  • Opportunity to participate in state, regional, and national honors and leadership conferences

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)