Honors Policies


Academic Standards

HSP students are required to maintain minimum academic standards as a condition of their continued participation in the HSP.

Students must maintain a 3.25 or higher cumulative GPA throughout the program. Grades will be reviewed at the end of spring and fall semesters.

Any student who fails to maintain the minimum GPA will be placed on probation in the HSP for one semester. If the cumulative GPA has not been raised to a 3.25 or greater after one semester, the student will be suspended from the program.

A student who has not yet earned 105 credits may reapply for the program reinstatement once the GPA reaches 3.25. If the student is reinstated, all prior completed HSP work will still apply towards the certificate. Appeals may be made to the Faculty Coordinator.

Observance of the CU Denver Honor Code

Any action which violates a provision of the University of Colorado Denver Honor Code will be grounds for dismissal from the HSP, subsequent to review by the HSP Steering Committee. The student may appeal this decision or may subsequently apply for readmission to the HSP program. Whenever the violation results in suspension or expulsion from the University of Colorado Denver, the student is not eligible for subsequent reinstatement to the HSP. 


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