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Spring 2021 Professional Development Committee Symposium Links!

Mitigating Zoom Fatigue

Passcode: 52G6n$UP 

Mindfulness in Uncertain Times

Passcode: y4G0JHq= 

Creating Accessible Documents in Office 365

Passcode: *=@qdL3L 

Learning Microsoft Teams

Passcode: 8LiG*2GZ 

Going Analog in a Digital Age

Passcode: T.erf7%E

Seizing the Shift: How to Live with Intention During Times of Uncertainty

Passcode: %z4e%Ad^ 

Mindfulness Techniques and Self Care

Passcode: S9$=OfDX

Virtual Leadership: Keeping Members Engaged Remotely

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Creating Content for the age of COVID-19

Passcode: *e9DcS0! 

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