The Chancellor’s Distinguished Lectures focus on subjects to help narrow the widening gap between fast moving advances in knowledge acquisition and their understanding and appreciation by the general public. The individuals selected as lecturers are chosen to fulfill the lectureship’s important public outreach function and contribute to an understanding and appreciation of rapid advancements and important nuances in their fields. Our lecturers are chosen on the basis of their international renown and their ability to speak and interact with a well-informed public audience.

These lectures are presented at CU Denver and are generally given each fall.


Future lectures are currently to be determined due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Past Distinguished Lectures have included topics ranging from returning wolves to Colorado to the promise of Big Data.

All lectures have been recorded and are available to watch on YouTube.



Susan Solomon, PhD

Ozone Depletion at the Ends of the Earth

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Ed Lazowska, PhD

Big Data, Enormous Opportunity

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Jennifer A. Lewis, ScD

3D Printing: Making the Future

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Mike Phillips

Wilderness Restored: The Wolf's Return to Colorado

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Richard Klein, PhD

Modern Human Origins

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